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Qualification of Federal Student Loan

To qualify for a federal student loan, the student has to be enrolled at least half time in college. The unsubsidized federal loans are in fact, regular student loans issued by a private vendor who finds it appealing because it is guaranteed by the government and involves low risk, lest the borrower repays.

Again, due to this factor, the federal student loans have a slightly lower interest rate. Another attractive feature is that the repayment along with the interest can be paid after completing the graduation. If it is paid while at still in school or college, the final payment on the loan will naturally get reduced.

To avail of students loan a free application form for federal student aid has to be filled up. Along with this from, an income tax return information has to be submitted. The loans will be granted based on the academic performance of the students.

There are many federal loans that are offered to the students namely, Stafford loans which are of two types, federal family education loans and direct loans. The first type is made by banks and private lending institutions. Direct loans enable students to borrow funds directly from the U.S department of Education, which is again classified into direct Stafford loans, direct plus loans and direct consolation loans.

In all the types of Stafford loans, the students should necessary enroll themselves as at least half time in college. Federal Perkins loan is based on financial needs of the student loans and the loan is offered at a fixed interest rate of five percent and does not compel a Stafford o be enrolled half time in college.

Apart from the loans, there are many grants and scholarships available that are offered by the Department of Education of the U.S. The federal student loans are offered either as subsidized or unsubsidized student loans. Subsidized loans help a student to repay the loan along with the interest after they start repaying on accomplishing a career, whereas the unsubsidized loans require that the student has to pay the interest while still in school or college.

The other prerequisites for a federal student loan are that the student must be a U.S citizen with a social security number and must not have defaulted on pervious government student loans. Federal student loans are handled by a financial institution called Sallie Mea. Generally, federal student loans have fixed interest rates and low interest and students have the option of utilizing any one of the programs to complete their college degree.