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What do Managers Manage That Isn’t on the Budget Line?

Managers have to manage inventory, scheduling, and other aspects of daily business maintenance that all exist on the infamous budget sheets for a small business. These aspects, as important as they are, do not make up the full range of a manager’s management. Managers have other pieces to the business puzzle that they need to keep afloat, and then some, to see business development.


What do employees expect? It’s a question that runs right to the heart of the business. Do they expect a casual environment? Do they expect a raise? Are there expectations less tangible and more about the overall “feeling” of the business? Monitoring expectations is a part of a manager’s repertoire, whether they like it or not. A valuable manager will exceed expectations in a positive way without hurting the business. Exceeding expectations (but only a bit) may be the best way to keep loyal people while keeping the business on the right foot.

The Culture

It is something that appears in many discussions of business management, but it isn’t always explained in any concrete term. The “culture” consists of the people and the things in a business that add to what it does and what it is trying to do. The culture never appears on the budget sheet, at least not directly. It is the smiled offered to guests. It is the superior customer service. It is the user experience. It is the camaraderie of the employees as they first clock in and when they first clock out. A business environment can be managed and should be monitored. But, it is often a natural offshoot of how a manager acts when no one is looking.

All of the above aspects of management key in on the emotions of the people involved. What do they want? What are their goals and expectations? These things matter. Managers can manage these aspects without being overbearing and labeled a serious micro-manager. It is not an easy balancing act to juggle. But, if done right, it can make for an astounding leader. Learn more at The website covers more on management in 2017.